I’m not good at talking about myself in the third person, so hi, I’m Angie Seaman, founder of Creative Duckies.  I have worked in online marketing since 2005 and before that, I was in retail management.

The Back Story

I managed affiliate programs and progressed to head the managed services department at an affiliate network, where I personally managed programs for Microsoft, CNET, and Benefit Cosmetics, as well as a variety of smaller B2C brands.  But you can read all about my experience on my LinkedIn profile.

Creativity is My Thing

What I enjoyed the most while working for these programs was coming up with creative ideas to promote them, and since we worked on a bit of a shoestring, it was up to me to make those ideas realities.  Which meant a lot of work in graphics and html.  And I found that I have a knack for it and really enjoy doing them.

Since then, I have managed affiliate programs for OPMs, I worked for Lurn/JuJuQ (Affiliate Classroom) where I managed projects, helped market and launch new products, and became VP of Marketing.  Through everything I’ve done, I always gravitate back to creative.

Experience to Action

So my experience with affiliate programs gives me an understanding about how they work and what you need from creative.  And my passion for the creative side of the business is what drove me specialize in marketing material development with CreativeDuckies.

Let’s Get Started

I’d love to speak with you about how I can help support your affiliate programs so that you can focus on managing your program and getting affiliates what they need.  Drop me a line today.

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